Yum Cha Cafe @ KL

喝茶,喝茶!!最近超爱找朋友去吃喝玩乐的。嘻嘻。这次去了一间位于茨场街附近的咖啡馆 ~ 喝茶咖啡馆。

Yum Cha, Yum Cha!! Love to hang out with friends recently.. Hehe.. This time, I went to a cafe near Petaling Street ~ Yum Cha Cafe. Well, Petaling Street is sort of like a “china town” in the busy city of Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the tourist attraction that has long streets packed with stalls and cafes such as this cafe that I’m about to show. Also, “Yum Cha” is a very popular local term. For those who are not familiar with our local custom, we, the Malaysian use the term “Yum Cha” to express “let’s go out for a tea” , we use this term so often that it almost embodied in our daily life. If you happen to meet any Malaysian, say this magic word and he or she will be slightly impressed.


Actually we wanted to go to another cafe nearby, but we were attracted by the name and decoration of this cafe. Their entrance has lot of their menu, and their stairs are decorated with some name of a drink and food. Really special!

里面的装潢也是走复古风的,是因为这是一间 ‘旧’ 店吗?虽说走的是复古风,可是却给了我一种很特别的感觉。我很喜欢他们挂在墙上的图画,有复古人像及街道的图案,也有现代的昆虫与随性的图像。

They are having antique decoration in their shop. Is it because of they are operating in an ‘old’ shop? Although they use those antique item to decorate their cafe, but is something different and special. I love their drawing which hang on the wall too.


Although the interior design are more on antique items, but they still have the modern style. I love their ‘Long Chair’, if I can lie down and read books on it sure I’ll enjoy it very much. The things on the rack are waiting for you to choose. You can always buy it if you are interested on it.


This cafe is not only for looks, their food taste good too. This time I ordered a cup of Mocha, taste good and thick. My friend ordered a set of Chicken Kuey Tiaow Soup which come with a cup of cold drink and a plate of Fruit ‘Rojak’. The Fruit ‘Rojak’ taste good too.

如果你刚好经过哪里又想休息一下,不妨可以到那边去试看看。再一次谢谢我的摄影师 ~ 小莲,这次的照片也是她的杰作。

When you feel to take a rest while walking around Petaling Street, you may go there and try out their food and drinks. Thanks again to my photographer ~ Sammuey, the photo is from her again.

Yum Cha Cafe

Phone: 012-639 8222

Address: 143, Jalan Petaling, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Coordinates: 3.141616, 101.697964