The Peony & Stacks @ Kuchai Lama (This cafe is no longer in business.)

喝茶有时候也会想要找个有 ‘感觉’ 的地方。感觉是很个人的东西,这次让我有感觉的是 The Peony & Stacks. 它会让我有感觉,很大可能是因为它有很浓烈的外国 ‘飞儿’。其实它之前的名字是叫作Witty & Oaky,所以当我去找它时,我有种是不是去错地方的感觉。

Sometimes you will like to find a place which make you feel happy to hangout with your friends. And I always like to find some places which give me a ‘feel’. Actually ‘feel’ is very personal, and this time the cafe which give me a strong foreign country feel is The Peony & Stacks. Actually before this it is called Witty & Oaky.


This cafe doesn’t looks grand, but simple and nice. Almost all the decoration are based on those foreign country’s antique items to decorate. They use Jukebox, Vinyl Records, antique coffee maker and etc. I love the milk tank once we reached the shop after the stairs. Although it changed owner, but the new boss said he kept the painting on the wall and has just changed the furniture and decorations, whatever he can keep, he keeps.



I went there just after my dinner, so this time I only ordered a pot of Osmanthus flower tea and an Oreo Waffle. I love the taste of the tea, taste good and is antioxidant. The Oreo’s Waffle taste good too. I had requested to separate the ice-cream with the waffle, so that the waffle won’t become soft easily. But I suggest you to eat the waffle first once they serve, because it will taste better before it gets cold.

一整朵的花在壶里。The whole flower is in the pot.
两个人的话,叫一壶会比较划算。Order for a pot for two person will be more economical.
Oreo 感化饼里有迷你Oreo。The Oreo Waffle served with mini Oreo.


They provide private party service too. The price is reasonable, they will charge on what you order on the party. The day before I went, they had a private party there,that is why you can found some balloons in my photo.

有时间就去看看你会有啥感觉吧! 🙂

You may go and explore by yourself and see what feel will you get. 🙂


营业时间 Operation hour:

星期一至五 Mon to Fri ~ 12pm – 10 pm ( 星期三休息 Close on Wed )

星期六 Sat ~ 11am – 10pm

星期天 Sun ~ 11am – 9:30pm

电话 Tel: +60379717488 (点餐 Orders), +60166657775 (询问 Inquiries)

地址 Address: 12a, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Coordinates: 3.089212, 101.686670