• Germany
  • Autumn’s Family Trip Day 2 @ Bodensee

    今天一整天都在下雨。我们在酒店享用完早餐后便到市区去走走。我们还特地到了一家蛋糕不错的咖啡店去休息。不过我的老公一直不断地重复说:这家咖啡店其实主要卖的不是蛋糕,是咖啡豆。可是我才不管呢,反正我在网上看到人家说这家店的蛋糕好吃就行了。嘻嘻。。 Today is a rainy day. After we had our breakfast, we went out for a short walk and relax in a cafe – Weber & Weiss with tasty cake. My husband keeps on telling me that, this is actually not a cafe for cakes, but rather for coffee beans. Anyway, I found this cafe […]