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  • 在德国煮饭之第五篇 – 番茄西芹红烧鸡 Cooking Life iN Germany 5 – Tomato Celery Chicken

    最近在网上看到一道意大利番茄红烧鸡肉,觉得很有趣便试着煮了。但是因为我要方便,所以便把其中的材料给 ‘改良’ 一下。我帮它取了个名字,叫 ‘番茄西芹红烧鸡’。 I saw a recipe recently from the internet which calls Italian Braised Chicken. I found that it is interesting, so I cooked it too. I wanted to cook it with convenient and fast, so I ‘edited’ a few ingredients, hence I named this ‘Tomato Celery Chicken’. 番茄西芹红烧鸡的材料:3个大鸡腿,西芹3根,蒜 3 瓣,洋葱1个,1 罐 Mutti […]