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  • 慕尼黑的春天之旅 Spring Travel in Munich

    陪老公公干之余,终于可以体验一下除了冬天以外的慕尼黑了。虽然现在是春天,但是天气已经开始热起来了,就好像马来西亚的天气一样。比马来西亚好的地方是这里的风凉凉的,很舒服。来到这里的第一餐便前往我们宿舍附近的道地啤酒园 ~ Augustiner Schützengarten 去享用晚餐。 At last, I get to enjoy the scenery other than winter in Munich. Although it is Spring now, the weather is still warm, just like in Malaysia. The only thing that might be better than Malaysia is due to the cooling wind. Once we reached our hostel, we went to […]