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  • Main Main Cafe @ KL

    ‘玩玩’ 咖啡馆真的是很特别,把一间旧式阁楼改装成现代化咖啡馆。里面的餐桌好像都是使用学校丢弃掉的学生桌椅改装而成的,个人觉得很环保,而且看得出店主是个很有创意的人。店主会为她的店取这个名字是因为她觉得不乘年轻及还有力气的时候玩,那要等什么时候才玩? Main Main Cafe is really creative. They decorated an old style flat to a modern cafe. They also use those school’s children recycle desk as their dining table. The owner is very creative and friendly to the environment too. “Main main” stems from the malay language that means “Play play”. The motto of […]