• Malaysia
  • 我最爱吃的叻沙 My Favourite Laksa @ Mambau

    虽然只是一个不起眼的角落,而且看起来残残旧旧的,但我很喜欢和家人到这里来吃‘叻沙’。。我觉得他们的‘叻沙’虽然料不多,但是味道却很香,汤也很浓郁,而且最重要的是,它吃起来不会太辣。。不喜欢吃辣的朋友都可以到这里来试试。。 This place doesn’t look like a proper restaurant, and it seem likes very old and not that clean, but I love to eat ‘laksa’ with my family here. It has the “Kampong” stall environment, which is pretty nice to experience once in a while. Although the ingredients are not alot, but the taste is […]