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    和一班漂亮美女去吃吃喝喝是对的,因为可以试到很多不同的食物。今天我吃了羊扒、鸡扒、三文鱼、蛋糕和威化。我们还点了很多饮料,因为大家都觉得可以一起试试不一样的味道。 Another day another night, I went for a dinner with a few pretty ladies, and we tried a lot of foods, such as Lamb Chop, Chicken Chop, Salmon Fish, Cake and Waffle. We also ordered few different drinks, so that we can get to try different drinks at the same time. 他们的羊扒味道不错一下,很喜欢他们把薄荷酱当成点缀;三文鱼就好像有点小片,还好味道还不错。我爱他们的蛋糕,不会太甜而且巧克力味很香浓。我的朋友说上次她去吃他们的杂果威化时有很多水果的,可是这次我们点的杂果威化却不多水果,有点失望。 Their Lamb Chop […]