• Malaysia
  • 芙蓉烧鱼 Spicy Grilled Fish @ Seremban

    我儿时常吃的烧鱼,真的很怀念。这次刚好和老公从德国回马来西亚度假,舅舅便邀我们一块去大快朵颐。虽然味道和儿时的记忆不一样,但和家人一起享用餐点的乐趣是没有东西可以媲美的。当然,他们的食物还是不错的。 This is one of my childhood favourite food. I really need to thank my uncle who invited us to join them. Although the taste is not the same as it is in my memory, but the fun of having a meal with family is the most important thing. And of course, the taste of […]