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    Lorenz 是第二个我常在有优惠时买的薯片。他们家的薯片吃起来脆脆咸咸的。不爱吃太咸的朋友最好有心理准备。 Lorenz chip is the second brand that I like in Germany. I always buy them when they are on sale. Their chips are thin and crunchy. 他们家的辣味薯片是真的有“辣”味,也让我想起在马来西亚时吃的薯片。可是我个人目前比较喜欢乐事的辣味薯片了,因为乐事的辣味薯片不会让我觉得只有辣和咸。 Their Hot Paprika flavor is spicy. And it reminds me of the chips I have tried back in Malaysia. But I started to prefer Lay’s Hot […]