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  • 在德国煮饭之第六篇 – 酱油鸡 Cooking Life iN Germany 6 – Soy Sauce Chicken

    每当我懒惰或不知道要煮什么的时候,我便会选择煮一些可以用酱油来炖煮的食物,简单、方便又快速。这次我就煮了酱油焖鸡腿和清炒鲜菇小白菜。 Whenever I’m lazy to cook or don’t know what to cook, I will choose something to cook with soy sauce. Easy and fast. This time, I cooked soy sauce chicken drumsticks and stir fry fresh mushroom with pak choi. 酱油鸡的材料:5个鸡腿,蒜 3 瓣,酱油4匙,料酒2匙, 糖1茶匙 ,五香粉/十三香半茶匙,油适量,水适量。 Ingredients for Soy Sauce Chicken: 5 chicken drumsticks, 3 cloves of […]