• Malaysia
  • Coffee Gallery @ Kuantan

    每次来到关丹探望我姐,都一定会被我的姐夫带到这间咖啡馆来 ‘叹’ 咖啡,因为我的姐夫说他很喜欢这里的咖啡。今天我们就点了好几杯不同的饮料。 Whenever I go to Kuantan and visit my sister, my brother in law will inevitably bring us to visit this cafe, because he likes the coffee here. Today, we ordered a few drinks as usual. 这里的食物也很不错。现在我终于知道为什么我的姐夫喜欢来这里了,香浓的咖啡,再加上多样化的食物供客人选择,应该没有人会不被吸引吧。嘻嘻。。 The food here tastes good too. Now I know why my brother in law likes to […]