• Malaysia
  • JP BOUTiQUE CAFe @ Taman Taynton View, Cheras, K.L.

    误打误撞竟然去了一家由前任MyFM DJ ~ 贾森开的咖啡馆。虽然我们是要去找晚餐吃,但是因为我的朋友~莲上到去见到了贾森便决定先在这里吃些甜品,喝杯饮料才继续去“找吃”。 We went to this cafe accidentally which is owned by one of the ex-MyFM DJ ~ Jason. We were on our way to have our dinner, but my friend ~ Lian saw Jason in the cafe, and we decided to have a drink and some dessert first. 其实这是一家新开的咖啡馆。虽然是新开的,但是他们的蛋糕和饮料都蛮不错的。个人很喜欢他们的巧克力蛋糕,不会太甜而且巧克力味还很浓郁。我还叫了一杯巧克力饮料,味道也很香浓。我们还叫了一片蒜味芝士烤面包,一上桌就趁热吃真的很好吃。 Although this is […]