• Germany
  • Cafe Denk Fabrik @ Karlsruhe

    会来到这家咖啡馆全是因为我今天陪我的朋友去了他的大学,而这家咖啡馆就在大学附近。个人觉得很意外的是这比较偏僻的地方里竟然会有一家设计蛮不错的咖啡馆。可能我们去的时候已经过了午餐时间,所以咖啡馆里不是很多人。 After accompanied my friend to his university, he brought me to this cafe which is located beside his university. I’m surprised that there is a cafe with nice decoration at a place which is not near from the city. Since we went there after lunch hour, there are not many customers around. 我们看到餐牌才发现原来这里还有卖吃的。可惜我们已经吃饱了,所以便知道便只点了咖啡和甜品。我的朋友还一直在拿到咖啡时问说:为什么德国的咖啡都没‘拉花’的?!他们的巧克力蛋糕还是加热了才上桌的,蛮不错吃。可是那摆盘的苹果吃起来却有洋葱味。 When […]

  • Malaysia
  • 90 Degrees Cafe @ Kuantan

    吃了晚餐过后,姐夫便偷偷地带我和我姐姐去了这家咖啡馆去吃饭后甜品 ~ 鸡蛋仔。这家鸡蛋仔真的不错,酥酥脆脆的。我点的还是咸蛋黄鸡蛋仔,所以当我点上他们的咸蛋酱料时,觉得真的很好吃。可能也因为是我个人很喜欢吃咸蛋的关系吧。嘻嘻。。 After dinner time, my brother in law brought my sister and me out for some desserts. The Hong Kong Street Style Egg Waffle from this cafe tastes superb, especially with my all time favourite waffle ~ Salted Egg Waffle. As soon as I ate the crunchy waffle with their salted egg sauce, […]

  • Traveling
  • Mr.Jones’ Orphanage @ Central World, Bangkok

    去了曼谷著名的周末市场后,我们便回到酒店附近的广场去找间咖啡馆休息了。在大热天时到一间附有冷气设备的咖啡馆里喝咖啡真是太爽了啦! 虽说这间咖啡馆是开在一家广场内,但是他的设计还蛮特别的 ~ 一个大时钟便成了他们店里主要的摆设品了。 After we had gone to ChaTuChak (a famous weekend market at Bangkok), we were happy to have a break here enjoying the air-conditioning system. What a cooling feel on a hot day. Although this cafe is operating in a shopping centre, their decoration is still unique ~ the big clock is […]

  • Malaysia
  • Coffee Gallery @ Kuantan

    每次来到关丹探望我姐,都一定会被我的姐夫带到这间咖啡馆来 ‘叹’ 咖啡,因为我的姐夫说他很喜欢这里的咖啡。今天我们就点了好几杯不同的饮料。 Whenever I go to Kuantan and visit my sister, my brother in law will inevitably bring us to visit this cafe, because he likes the coffee here. Today, we ordered a few drinks as usual. 这里的食物也很不错。现在我终于知道为什么我的姐夫喜欢来这里了,香浓的咖啡,再加上多样化的食物供客人选择,应该没有人会不被吸引吧。嘻嘻。。 The food here tastes good too. Now I know why my brother in law likes to […]

  • Malaysia
  • Runner’s Cafe @ Bukit Jalil, K.L.

    记得第一次要到这间咖啡馆时,转了两圈都找不到它,最后便放弃了而和朋友去了其它地方休闲去。这次终于找到它啦!!上一次应该是因为没想到它的招牌是以黑色为主而且还在窗前放了一台跑步机而不为意它就是我要找的那间咖啡馆吧~ I could still recall the first time when I wanted to go to this cafe, but I couldn’t find it and end up in other places with my friend instead. Well, this time I managed to find it!! I think last time I couldn’t find it is probably because of their very dark signboard […]

  • Malaysia
  • Java Flava @ Kuantan

    这是一间很特别的咖啡馆。为何我会说它特别?!因为就算它有一个小区是没有空调设备,但也是禁烟的。一间小巧玲珑的咖啡馆,虽然不是很宽敞,但五脏俱全,还是可以容纳蛮多人的。 This is a very special cafe. Why is it special, because it is a Non-Smoking cafe, although it comes with an open air area. The cafe looks small but yet still able to accommodate many guests. There’s no need to worry about not getting any seats here. 他们的食物也蛮不错,只是个人不是很喜欢吃蒜米,所以对他们的白汁意大利面印象不是很好,因为那蒜米的味道太重了,完全盖过白汁的味道。威化还不错,酥酥软软的,不过如果可以再爽口些那就更好了。 Their food tastes pretty good. But […]

  • Malaysia
  • Cafe 1986 @ Klang, Selangor.

    一间简单而又不失大体的咖啡馆 ~ 1986。说真的会来到这里绝对是突然的,和朋友们约好的巴生一日游,因为吃了肉骨茶后预约唱K的时间还没到,所以便找了间咖啡馆坐坐。还好这突然的行程没让我们失望。 A simple and nice cafe ~ 1986. We went into this cafe by chance. Since there’s a short interval of waiting time between our Karaoke and our Bak Kut Teh breakfast sessions, we decided to pay this cafe a visit. Luckily, we were not at all disappointed. 我很喜欢他们简单的设计,而且感觉很干净。因为刚吃饱的关系,所以我们便只点了几杯饮料,过过时间,聊聊天,增进一下感情。哈哈。。 I liked their design and decoration; […]

  • Malaysia
  • Just Koffea @ Seremban 2

    和一班漂亮美女去吃吃喝喝是对的,因为可以试到很多不同的食物。今天我吃了羊扒、鸡扒、三文鱼、蛋糕和威化。我们还点了很多饮料,因为大家都觉得可以一起试试不一样的味道。 Another day another night, I went for a dinner with a few pretty ladies, and we tried a lot of foods, such as Lamb Chop, Chicken Chop, Salmon Fish, Cake and Waffle. We also ordered few different drinks, so that we can get to try different drinks at the same time. 他们的羊扒味道不错一下,很喜欢他们把薄荷酱当成点缀;三文鱼就好像有点小片,还好味道还不错。我爱他们的蛋糕,不会太甜而且巧克力味很香浓。我的朋友说上次她去吃他们的杂果威化时有很多水果的,可是这次我们点的杂果威化却不多水果,有点失望。 Their Lamb Chop […]

  • Malaysia
  • Duchess Cafe @ C180 Cheras, Selangor.

    有朋自远方来,当然要到处去吃喝玩乐啦!进到这家位于蕉赖C180的 Duchess 咖啡馆时,第一个感觉:我什么时候才可以到“爱琴海”去看看啊?!哈哈,这当然是因为他们家的咖啡馆墙壁上画了“爱琴海”的壁画。 The “must-do-stuff” during a friend visit is, of course, to eat, drink and have fun. The first thing that came into my mind while entering Duchess Cafe was. ‘When will I visit Santorini?!’. This is due to the Santorini drawing on the wall. 我们去到的时候其实是刚开门不久,所以点了餐后还需再等好一会儿食物才送到。我点了一盘意大利面,味道不错,可是价钱稍微偏高了些。我的朋友点的是“辣死你妈” ~ 椰浆饭。特别之处是他们放在地砖上来招待客人,所以吃的时候会有 ‘咔嚓咔嚓’ 的声音。而且吃的时候还会担心食物不小心掉出 ‘盘’ 外。 They just opened when […]

  • Malaysia
  • Soft Launch Cafe @ Sri Petaling, K.L.

    万圣节到啦!!他们把咖啡馆设计得很漂亮,简单可爱的摆设品就把他们的咖啡馆弄得美美的,个人真的很喜欢。 It is Haloween time!! They decorated their cafe with some simple and cute decorations, and I really like it very much. 我叫了杯卡布基诺和一个原味威化。他们的威化真的好吃,外脆内软,而且不会甜。其实他们这里畅销的不是原味威化,而是草莓和芒果的,但因为这次和我一块儿来的俩人都对甜品没兴趣,我又怕自己吃不完会浪费,所以就唯有叫原味的了。还好错有错着,吃到个很不错的。嘻嘻。 I ordered a cup of Cappuccino and a classic waffle. Their waffle tasted delicious, crunchy from the outside and soft in the inside, and most importantly,  it was not too sweet. Actually their signature […]