• Malaysia
  • 黑石头蛋糕咖啡屋 BlackStone Bakery Cafe @ Klang, Selangor.

    周末有约在巴生,所以趁机到那儿的咖啡馆来个小聚。来到这间小小的咖啡馆,第一个印象是很别致,但又觉得可以再增加特色,因为他们有个小角落的感觉和咖啡馆好像不是很搭。 Since we had an appointment in Klang, we decided to visit one of the cafe there. The cafe is pretty chic, but maybe some part of the decoration need some redesign as it does not match with the concept of the cafe. 为了吃到巴生肉骨茶,所以我们只点了一杯热巧克力和一杯桃味西茶。热巧克力味道普通,可是随饮料附送的和巧克力饼干却和好吃,味道浓郁而又不甜腻。两杯饮料14令吉真的很划算。他们也有提供主食的,只是我这次没机会试。 We ordered a cup of Hot Chocolate and a cup of […]