• Malaysia
  • 90 Degrees Cafe @ Kuantan

    吃了晚餐过后,姐夫便偷偷地带我和我姐姐去了这家咖啡馆去吃饭后甜品 ~ 鸡蛋仔。这家鸡蛋仔真的不错,酥酥脆脆的。我点的还是咸蛋黄鸡蛋仔,所以当我点上他们的咸蛋酱料时,觉得真的很好吃。可能也因为是我个人很喜欢吃咸蛋的关系吧。嘻嘻。。 After dinner time, my brother in law brought my sister and me out for some desserts. The Hong Kong Street Style Egg Waffle from this cafe tastes superb, especially with my all time favourite waffle ~ Salted Egg Waffle. As soon as I ate the crunchy waffle with their salted egg sauce, […]