• Malaysia
  • Cafe 1986 @ Klang, Selangor.

    一间简单而又不失大体的咖啡馆 ~ 1986。说真的会来到这里绝对是突然的,和朋友们约好的巴生一日游,因为吃了肉骨茶后预约唱K的时间还没到,所以便找了间咖啡馆坐坐。还好这突然的行程没让我们失望。 A simple and nice cafe ~ 1986. We went into this cafe by chance. Since there’s a short interval of waiting time between our Karaoke and our Bak Kut Teh breakfast sessions, we decided to pay this cafe a visit. Luckily, we were not at all disappointed. 我很喜欢他们简单的设计,而且感觉很干净。因为刚吃饱的关系,所以我们便只点了几杯饮料,过过时间,聊聊天,增进一下感情。哈哈。。 I liked their design and decoration; […]