Runner’s Cafe @ Bukit Jalil, K.L.


I could still recall the first time when I wanted to go to this cafe, but I couldn’t find it and end up in other places with my friend instead. Well, this time I managed to find it!! I think last time I couldn’t find it is probably because of their very dark signboard and also the running machine in front of the pane window that gave me the wrong idea about this cafe; I thought it was a gym room instead of a cafe. Hehe… 🙂

当你进到这咖啡馆时,你就会发现有好多的参赛奖牌。这些奖牌应该是老板去参加赛跑得回来的吧~ 而且老板还把点餐后的号码牌用奖杯的方式呈现给客人,真有心思啊!

Once you enter the cafe, you will find that there are a lot of medals. I think all these medals might be the boss. The boss is very creative too; he used the trophy as the order number for his customers. He seems like a runner fanatic. 🙂


Their food tastes good. My friend told me that they also serve a huge portion of food for those who is hungry after sport (what a real runner needs).

Caesar Salad
Honey Citrus Mint

大家不妨去试试看吧。You may pay a visit when you have time.

Bill of the day.


Runners Cafe

Operation Hour:

Mon to Fri ~ 12 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Sat & Sun ~ 8:30 p.m. till 10:30 p.m.

Tel: +6019 – 265 6568

Add: 7-21-M (Upstairs), Jalan Jalil Perkasa 14,
Aked Esplanad, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Coordinates: 3.062020, 101.676260