My first USA trip ~ Williamsburg

美国威廉斯堡 – 一个充满历史的城市。我很喜欢他们的建筑物。我们在这儿的第一餐吃的是 Buffalo Wild Wings。他们的鸡翅膀分成了好几个辣度,我们也尝试了好几种。自从在德国住了1年多后,我还以为他们提供的辣度层度应该不会真的很辣,但是我发现我是错的。我们选择的其中一个是第3高的辣,辣到我流泪了。

Williamsburg, USA – a historical city. I like the building so much. The first dinner we ate here was Buffalo Wild Wings. They provide a few spicy levels for you to choose from, and we tried a few of them. The flavor we prefer most is the Buffalo original. After staying for more than one year in Germany, I thought the spicy of the chicken wings that they suggest would not going to be as spicy as the level, but I was wrong. The chicken wings were pretty spicy because one of the flavors that we chose has the 3rd highest grade (Mango-Harbanero flavor).

The menu shows the spicy level.
这是我们在第一次去的时候点的。This was what we ordered for the first visit.
这是我们在第二次去的时候点的。This was what we ordered for the 2nd visit.

趁着来到美国的当儿,我们还到了附近的著名的弗吉尼亚航空航天中心去走走看看。入门票($19.50)对我们来说有点贵,但还好的是它包括了一套大约1小时的 IMAX 电影。

We visited Virginia Air & Space Center since we came to the USA. The entrance fees are pretty expensive, but luckily it comes with an an hour of IMAX movie.

You can also try the flying game.

We are waiting for the movie to begin.

逛完了航空航天中心,我们便在附近找了家餐馆来医肚子了。Brown Chicken Brown Cow, 我们被他的图片给吸引进去了。食物还不错,不过个人就不是很喜欢那个Waffle Fries,觉得它有点软和凉。他们的服务员都很友善,而且在美国,白开水是不须额外付费的。

After visited Virginia Air & Space Center, we went to a restaurant nearby – Brown Chicken Brown Cow. Their food is nice, but I don’t like the waffle fries. It tastes soft and a bit cold for me. Their waitress is friendly.

Pulled pork, quarter chicken and salad.
Waffle fries come with two sauces of your choice.