My first USA trip ~ Virginia Beach

趁着没那么多人赶紧拍的风景照。I took this photo when I saw there are not so many people.

在我们飞去美国前,我的美国朋友 – Natalie 建议我们可以到弗吉尼亚海滩去玩,因为她说我们去的城市很靠近那儿。这也是为什么我们驾了大约1个半小时的车到那儿去享受阳光和海滩。

Before we fly to the USA, our friend – Natalie told us that: Since you guys are near to Virginia, you should pay a visit to the Virginia Beach. This is the reason why we drove for 1 and a half hour to go there to enjoy the sun and beach.



Once I knew I’m going to a beach during summer, the thing that comes to my mind is that it will be warm. But I thought the beach here should be the same as Malaysia, which has a lot of trees and shaded areas for tourists. Unfortunately, I’m wrong. The beach has a lot of people and huge umbrellas which are ready for you to rent for it.  Initially, we went directly into one of the vacant umbrellas, but we are advised to leave 2 minutes after settling under the umbrella. Apparently, the umbrella has to be rented 🙂 Also, there is no public washroom for you to change your Bikini (at least I didn’t get to find one unless you go to a restaurant or cafe), so you are suggested to change your Bikini first before going there.


Funny enough, my husband was fascinated all the time by the flock of jet fighters that flew on top of us. Since there’s a Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, no wonder there’s constantly jet fighters flying over the beach.


The views are beautiful, but the weather to me is considered too warm, so I didn’t take too many photos. Just these few of it for this time.