My 2nd time in Düsseldorf

从我们的酒店房间看到的日出景象。The sunrise view from our room.

我们又再次来到杜塞尔多夫啦。这次是因为老公须要办公,所以才会有幸到这里来吃吃喝喝。自从有了宝宝后,我们很多时候做的决定都是以宝宝为优先的,所以这次我们选择的酒店是靠近日本村的Hotel Asahi。加上泊车费用后,这次的‘豪华’住宿大约共计100欧元。

We are here again just because my husband needs to go to the canadian embassy which is located at Düseldorf. Since we have a baby, we always look for a location that is convenient for food, accomodation and also easy for us to park our car. This why we chose to stay at Hotel Asahi. After included the charge of the car park, the stay cost us around 100€.

当我的老公完成他须处理的事情后,我们便回到之前去过的Takumi日本餐馆去用餐。虽然已经是下午2点多,他们的客人还是很多。也不懂是不是因为我们俩都很饿了,所以觉得他们的食物还是那么好吃。尤其是我老公点的套餐里的照烧鸡饭 – 好吃。至于他们的拉面,还是一样美味。

Once my husband settled his affair at the embassy, we went to Takumi for our late lunch. Although the time was already 2pm something, but they still have a lot of customer. We don’t know is it because of we were hungry, the food taste delicious for us. The terriyaki chicken rice which my husband was delicious.

Shouyu Ramen and Teriyaki Chicken set
Shouyu Ramen and Teriyaki Chicken set
Toku Oro-chon Ramen
Sorry for the unclear photo, just because I put inside my bag and it turns like this when we were home.

Coordinates: 51.223610, 6.788801


Since we had late lunch and were still pretty full during dinner time, so we decided to have take away supper from Takezo. My husband went to buy it since the restaurant is just near the hotel. I will say that the snacks are delicious, as it were take away food and the taste are still good.

炸鸡块 Tori Karaage
煎饺 Yaki Gyoza
炸水饺 Age Gyoza

第二天一早,我们去了一家日本面包店吃早餐。可能因为我是在亚洲长大的关系,所以我比较喜欢吃有馅料的 ‘软’ 面包,而这家面包店里卖的面包就正合我意。可惜我忘了带我的外套,不然我们可以到处走走看看,而不须吃完早餐就回酒店休息。

In the morning of the second day, we went to a Japanese bakery – Bäckerei Taka nearby. I found a lot of bread which I think most Asian will like it, ‘soft bread’ with filling. It was too bad that I forgot my jacket, and this was the reason we didn’t walk around in the city too. So, after our breakfast, we went back to the hotel and prepare to check out.

可能我们有点太早了,所以他们的架子才会还没填满面包。We are too early to be there, and this is why the rack still have some empty space.

离开杜塞尔多夫前,我们先去了另一家日本餐馆 – Takezo吃午餐。还好我说服我的老公多等15分钟到他们开始营业,因为我们发现他们的拉面比Takumi好吃。如果我还有机会到杜塞尔多夫游玩或想吃日本餐的话,我想我还会到回去吃他们的拉面。

Before we leave Düseldorf, we went to Takezo for our lunch. Luckily I persued my husband to wait for 15mins until they start business, because we found that their ramen are better than Takumi. I think I will go back for their food again when I’m craving for Japanese food.

Kara Miso Ramen
Kara Shouyu Ramen

I forgot to take photo of the 2nd menu when we were inside the restaurant, so I can only took a photo of it where they paste on the window.

Coordinates: 51.222715, 6.790720


Although we didn’t visit many places this time, but I am still happy and glad to have what I had for food.

We enjoy our time and relaxed with the bubble teas in the hotel room after our late lunch.