Mr.Jones’ Orphanage @ Central World, Bangkok

Have a good day~~

去了曼谷著名的周末市场后,我们便回到酒店附近的广场去找间咖啡馆休息了。在大热天时到一间附有冷气设备的咖啡馆里喝咖啡真是太爽了啦! 虽说这间咖啡馆是开在一家广场内,但是他的设计还蛮特别的 ~ 一个大时钟便成了他们店里主要的摆设品了。

After we had gone to ChaTuChak (a famous weekend market at Bangkok), we were happy to have a break here enjoying the air-conditioning system. What a cooling feel on a hot day. Although this cafe is operating in a shopping centre, their decoration is still unique ~ the big clock is their main decoration.


My friends ordered a few cups of cold drinks; I’m the only one who ordered a cup of hot drink. Haha… We also ordered a Chocolate Banana Waffle and a mini Chocolate Cake. The waffle tastes good, and it is not sweet. The Mini Chocolate Cake comes with two scoops of ice-cream, great!

别忘了刷牙哦~ Don’t forget to brush your teeth!! Haha.. I love the mug with the bear~

我们要求了店员别加奶油。We requested our waffle without cream on it.
他们的“心太软”蛮好吃的,因为不会很甜。It is delicious since the chocolate cake is not too sweet.


After we had finished our tea, we went back to the hotel to have a rest so that we can go for another round of ‘fighting’. Hehe..


P/S: Our treasurer kept the receipt of this visit, so I forgot to take a photo of it, but overall I think the price is still affordable.