Main Main Cafe @ KL

很喜欢这三只猫头鹰。I love these three owl.

‘玩玩’ 咖啡馆真的是很特别,把一间旧式阁楼改装成现代化咖啡馆。里面的餐桌好像都是使用学校丢弃掉的学生桌椅改装而成的,个人觉得很环保,而且看得出店主是个很有创意的人。店主会为她的店取这个名字是因为她觉得不乘年轻及还有力气的时候玩,那要等什么时候才玩?

Main Main Cafe is really creative. They decorated an old style flat to a modern cafe. They also use those school’s children recycle desk as their dining table. The owner is very creative and friendly to the environment too. “Main main” stems from the malay language that means “Play play”. The motto of this cafe is to “live  life to the fullest, enjoy your time while you can”. Not bad, it’s probably a small getaway for those busy white-collar working in Kuala Lumpur city. It also has a pretty good review on its facebook page.


Their menu are all written on the blackboard and also the window. I heard that their menu will change everyday too. We ordered a plate of lemonade fried fish fillet rice and a plate of soy sauce chicken drumstick rice. I thought if we use lemonade to cook dishes the taste will be weird, but who knows when I tried my friend rice it taste good. Why, Why I didn’t ordered the fish but the chicken?! 🙁 Today’s chicken is over cooked, I don’t like it.

有得吃,当然要有得喝。咖啡奶茶时常都喝,所以这次就点了花茶。而且老板娘还会根据当天的天气或顾客的要求来为我们准备,真的很贴心!!当天我们去的时候天气很干燥,所以老板娘就为我们调了壶‘菊花’茶。当然我们还点了饭后甜点~豆腐蛋糕。 哈哈,名字很奇怪,但是味道却很棒!赞!

Coffee and tea are what we usually order always, this time we try to try something different and went for flower tea. The boss is very nice as she offers her customer flower tea according to the weather or the customer request. The day we went was very hot, so the boss served us a pot ‘chrysanthemum’ tea. And of course we also ordered the dessert ~ Taofu’s Cake. A weird name but taste pretty good. Love it.

后面的忘了是什么茶,不过味道却很棒。前面的是心太软,别担心,不是很甜,而且还很香。 I forgot what is the name of the tea at the back. The ‘heart too soft’ in the front taste good and not too sweet.


You can also do some shopping here other than eat and drink.. The boss here is really talented, she made some cute handcraft key chain and hang them on the window for them to look for their owner. There are also some handcraft items ‘lying’ in the cupboard, and also some are ‘standing’ on the rack waiting for you.

还有一些自制酵素。There are also homemade enzyme.

即可爱又环保的设计。The design are really cute and friendly to the environment.
这时店里种了小植物的露台。This the balcony which used to plant some little plants.

大家有时间就来看看尝尝吧!Please come and explore by yourself when you are free! 🙂


Main Main Cafe

Time: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Tel: 016-215 5523

 Add: Jalan Choo Cheng Khay, Off Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur.

Coordinates: 3.136047, 101.702466