MADAME WAffLE @ Mid Valley

竟然还没有机会到日本去尝试,那就在谷中城购物广场内试试他们的日式感化饼咯。。Madame Waffle里的巧克力和绿茶感化饼味道都很不错。

I haven’t got chance travel to Japan, so I can only try the Japanese style waffle in Mid Valley Shopping Centre. The Belgium Chocolate and Green Tea Waffle in Madame Waffle taste really good.

我吃的感化饼完全不像图中的那样。The waffle I ate is different as the picture.


Of course I ordered a cup of coffee to match with my waffle. I ordered the Belgium Chocolate Waffle set, because I can’t say ‘NO’ to chocolate. Hehe.. My friend ordered a cup of Latte and a set of Matcha Waffle set. Because of the waiter make the Latte and Belgium Chocolate Latte with the same ‘pull flower’, I can’t get to taste my chocolate coffee drink.

有很香浓的巧克力味,还好不是很甜。 The rich chocolate waffle which doesn’t taste too sweet.
第一口吃下去是并没有很浓的绿茶味,要多吃一口你才会迟到绿茶味。You wouldn’t taste the Matcha from your first bite.
我那没有巧克力味的饮料。My drink which doesn’t have any chocolate taste.
猜看看哪一杯是由巧克力味的咖啡。 Guess which cup of Latte has the Chocolate taste.


Anyway, a ‘little’ cafe like this in a shopping mall is a good idea. We can go there and have a drink and rest for a while after we walk for so long.

Madame Waffle 就座落在去GSC 戏院的电梯上层的左边。

Located on the left of the escalator once you reach the floor of GSC Cinema in Mid Valley.

我们的帐单 ~ 属于中上的价格。 Our bill ~ is consider reasonable.