Lorenz Chips

Lorenz 是第二个我常在有优惠时买的薯片。他们家的薯片吃起来脆脆咸咸的。不爱吃太咸的朋友最好有心理准备。

Lorenz chip is the second brand that I like in Germany. I always buy them when they are on sale. Their chips are thin and crunchy.



Their Hot Paprika flavor is spicy. And it reminds me of the chips I have tried back in Malaysia. But I started to prefer Lay’s Hot & Spicy flavor, because it tastes better for me which I do not have only spicy and salty taste in my mouth.

这个品牌我最喜欢吃的味道 – 辣味。This is my favourite flavor of this brand – Hot and Spicy.
芝士尖椒口味 – 吃起来有点微辣,蛮特别的。Jalapeño with cream cheese. It tastes a bit of spicy, not bad.
个人觉得这个口味真的不好吃,除了咸还是咸。This Paprika & Sour cream is not my taste. I feel like other than salty is also salty.
等下次有优惠时,我会想试试这个口味。I would like to try this when it is on sale.
This is also good. Something special.

Sales price: € 0.88 / € 0.99

Normal price: € 1.39