Just Koffea @ Seremban 2


Another day another night, I went for a dinner with a few pretty ladies, and we tried a lot of foods, such as Lamb Chop, Chicken Chop, Salmon Fish, Cake and Waffle. We also ordered few different drinks, so that we can get to try different drinks at the same time.

香煎羊扒 Grilled Lamb Chop
香煎鸡扒 Grilled Chicken Chop
香煎三文鱼 Grilled Salmon


Their Lamb Chop tasted good; I liked their usage of the Peppermint Sauce as a decoration on the plate; the Salmon Fish was a bit small, but it tasted good as well. I liked their cake too, not too sweet, and it was rich with Chocolate. My friend told me that their Mixed Fruits Waffle always comes with a lot of fresh fruit, but this time around, the waffle didn’t have many fruits on it. My friend was a little disappointed because of this.

巧克力核桃蛋糕 Chocolate Walnut Cake
杂果威化 Mixed Fruits Waffle


Their foods are not bad; you can give a try when you are free~

小熊和芝麻娃娃也来喝茶 Little Bear and Sesame also come for a drink
Which is your favourite seat? Tatami, Sofa or Table?
吸烟区 Smoking Area
吸烟区 Smoking Area
Bill of my first visit.
Almond Tiramisu ~ the first time I ate was not too sweet, and it was delicious, but the second time I ate was slightly sweeter. 🙁


Just Koffea

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