Fishee Coffee @ Bukit Jalil, KL


Fishee Coffee?! Haha, a very special name.. This time I have visitors from Taiwan and decided to bring them here to chill.

进门过后发现虽然已经是晚上9点多了,店里却还有很多人。看了看目录,我们便点了杯巧克力热饮、“扁白”咖啡、一瓶瓶装芒果汁、感化饼和招牌 ‘鱼儿球’。这是我第一次喝热巧克力时,有小熊的拉花,谢谢工作人员!!我会建议大家最好是找人和你一起分享他们的 ‘鱼儿球’,因为那时一个很浓郁的芝士蛋糕。。第一口很香浓;第二口很浓郁;第三口。。。。。。哈哈,如果是我一个人吃的话,真的会很腻。。不过真的很好吃。

The cafe is crowded although it’s already 9.p.m. at night. After looking at the menu, we ordered Hot Chocolate, Flat White, Manggo Juice in Bottle, Butter Syrup Waffle and Fishee Ball. This is the first time I got Teddy Bear ‘pull flower’ for my drinks. I would recommend you guys to share the Fishee Ball with friends, because it is actually a mini cheese cake. If you ask me to finish it alone, I think I stomach will be bloated… Hehe, but it is really tasty.

谢谢店员给我的 ‘爱心小熊’ 拉花。Thank you for giving me a ‘Lovely Bear pull flower’.
‘天鹅’ 扁白咖啡。。’Swan’ Flat White coffee.
看似普通,但却外脆内软的蜜糖牛油感化饼。Crispy Butter Syrup Waffle.
浓郁的 ‘鱼儿球’。Cheesy Fishee Ball.

其实他们还有很多招牌土司的,只是因为这次我们并不想吃土司所以就没点了。。店里的装潢虽说普通,但也很它自己的特色,我看了很久,终于让我找到他们的 ‘鱼儿’ 啦。。嘻嘻。。店主还准备了一些干花在架子上摆卖。。

Actually they also serve toasts, but this time we don’t feel like eating toast, so we didn’t order any of it. The interior design of the cafe looks normal but it still has a small flovour of their own.. After a while of searching, at last I found their ‘Fishee’ .. The boss also has some ‘dried flowers’ on rack for sell.

我找到鱼儿啦!I found the Fishee!
架子上的干花。Dried flowers on rack.

特别的厕所告示牌。 Special washroom’s sign.

这次我共花了RM57,价钱都很合理,不过个人会觉得 RM12 一瓶瓶装芒果汁却有点贵,因为我在另一间咖啡馆喝同样的瓶装果汁时比较便宜。有时间就去试试他们的 ‘鱼儿球’ 的话就去看看吧!

This time I spent RM57 for the meal. The price is reasonable, but the Mango Juice is more expensive then other cafe I went last time. Anyway, go and try out their Fishee Ball when you are free!!

不要放弃!!Don’t Give Up!!
Have a nice day!

Fishee Coffee

Operation Time:

星期天,星期一和星期三 Sun, Mon and Wed ~ 10 am – 7 pm

星期四至六 Thu til Sat ~ 10 am – 11 pm

( 星期二休息 Close on Tuesday )

地址 Add: 12-20 M (Upstairs), Jalan Jalil Perkasa 13,

Arked Esplanad Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Coordinates: 3.061635, 101.677248