Duchess Cafe @ C180 Cheras, Selangor.

有朋自远方来,当然要到处去吃喝玩乐啦!进到这家位于蕉赖C180的 Duchess 咖啡馆时,第一个感觉:我什么时候才可以到“爱琴海”去看看啊?!哈哈,这当然是因为他们家的咖啡馆墙壁上画了“爱琴海”的壁画。

The “must-do-stuff” during a friend visit is, of course, to eat, drink and have fun. The first thing that came into my mind while entering Duchess Cafe was.

‘When will I visit Santorini?!’.

This is due to the Santorini drawing on the wall.

墙上高贵的壁灯 The noble light

我们去到的时候其实是刚开门不久,所以点了餐后还需再等好一会儿食物才送到。我点了一盘意大利面,味道不错,可是价钱稍微偏高了些。我的朋友点的是“辣死你妈” ~ 椰浆饭。特别之处是他们放在地砖上来招待客人,所以吃的时候会有 ‘咔嚓咔嚓’ 的声音。而且吃的时候还会担心食物不小心掉出 ‘盘’ 外。

They just opened when we arrived, so there was not much of a wait time for our food. I ordered a Bacon and Mushroom Pasta. The pasta tasted not bad, but the price is slightly higher than average. My friends ordered their Signature Nasi Lemak. The special thing about this Nasi Lemak is that it’s served on a tile. When you’re enjoying your meal, you will hear a lot of “ka cha ka cha” sounds and also you might worry about your food dropping off the tile.

可爱的女王 The Cute Queen
女王被“分身”了。The queen has been separated.
在我的卡布基诺上的小熊 The little Bear in my Cappuccino

你还会发现他们连厕所都准备了 “爱琴海” 的图案和一些很可爱的饰品,店家真的是太细心了。大家不妨来参观参观呗!

You will find some Santorini pictures and some cute decoration items in the washroom too. Their boss is really attentive! You may go and have a look while you have time.

很喜欢他们这个水手摆设!! I like these Sailors!!


Duchess Cafe

Operation Time: 11am – 12.30am (Close on Monday)

Tel: 03 – 9081 6668

Address: A-2-UG, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180,

Balakong, Selangor.