Coffee Obsession @ Kuching

Photo taken from Coffee Obsession’s Facebook

咖啡厅永远适合和朋友聚会聊天的最佳地方!前几天去了古晋探望朋友,他们带我去了一家蛮不错的咖啡厅 ~~ Coffee Obsession。

Cafe is always a place for us to hangouts with friends. Coffee Obsession is a cafe in Kuching where I just visited last few days.

我真的很喜欢他们的这个洗手盆。 I really love their ‘bicycle’ basin.


I love their decoration more then the coffee… And I was joking with my friend that I want to “cycle”..


Actually, their coffee really not bad… Those who doesn’t like coffee can try their tea or chocolate drinks too.. After order, they will give us a special number plate, and the waiter will send our order in a while friendly..


If you like to enjoy coffee with a piece of cake or pie, then I will suggest you don’t hope that their food will be very delicious as their coffee too… Maybe I’m a choosy person, I will feel that their cake, pie, cookies and food still have room of improvement. I did told the boss about my comment after eating their food, and I thought they will be angry will my ‘bad’ comment, but instead they took it in a  friendly manner.. And told me they will improve their food. This is one of the reason why I like them and will recommend their cafe to you.

这是点餐的地方。This is where I did my order.

总的来说,我觉得大家如果有去到古晋的话,可以去 Coffee Obsession 试试。。可能会有不一样的感受。

If you have chance to go Kuching, Malaysia to travel, maybe can go Coffee Obsession try out their drinks. You may have different experience as mine..


书架。。Book shelves..
你也可以预先订座。。You can also call for reservation.. Photo taken from Coffee Obsession’s Facebook.

Coffee Obsession

Phone number: 017 – 222 2885

Address: 29, 1st floor, Lorong Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce 18,

93150 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Coordinates: 1.534213, 110.337360