Coffee & Dreams @ S2

“咖啡和梦” 其实我是有去过的,只是那次去的时候接近他们打烊的时间,所以只是坐了一会儿便离开了。这次因为和姐妹约了到这儿来享用晚餐,所以才有机会做一下记录。晚餐不应该吃太饱,可是我们3个女生却叫了一桌的食物,还饱到捧着肚子离开。

“Coffee & Dreams” is a cafe that actually I’ve been before. But at that time while I was there during closing hour, so I just sat for a while and left. This time I will return to this place again just to hang out with my buddies. Normally, I should not eat too much for dinner, but it turned out that 3 of us ordered and ate a lot.

还好我们比较早抵达,还不会很多人。Luckily we went there before the crowd.
They use coffee poster as their wall decoration. 他们用了咖啡海报来布置墙壁。


The taste of the food here consider OK. Too bad that the waitress doesn’t gave us a good recommendation. Maybe is because this time I’m not the one who make the order and just in charge to eat. Hehe.. Although we didn’t make a nice choice this time, but over all the taste of the food are still acceptable.

Caesar Salad ~ the vege taste a bit bitter.
Croissant Hot Dog Sandwich ~ Taste not bad, but I still prefer German Sausage.
Spaghetti with Carbonara Sauce ~ Our misorder!! The price is a bit high for only spaghetti with carbonara sauce which costs RM14.90. Nothing much inside. 我们叫错的餐点!!如果只是白汁和意大利面条而已,个人觉得有点贵,因为里面什么都没有加就要RM14.90了。
6 inch Hawaiian Chicken Pizza ~ The bottom part is a bit thick, if is thinner I think will taste better. Doesn’t really like it. 比萨皮有点厚,如果它的皮薄一点应该会比较好吃。


I can’t drink coffee during night time due to I can’t fall asleep easily, so I had just ordered a cup of Acai Berry Pomegranate Tea. I love to drink this tea recently, feel like very healthy. And of course I will order cake too!! We had ordered 3 slices of cakes instead of 1 today! We ordered Tiramisu, Mango and Dark Chocolate Mille Crepe. I love the Dark Chocolate flavor, because it doesn’t taste too sweet and it has the strong chocolate taste; the Mango flavor doesn’t has much mango taste; the Tiramisu just taste like the Asean style tiramisu.

Dilmah Acai Berry Pomegranate Tea
Top: Tiramisu, Middle: Mango, Bottom: Dark Chocolate. 上:提拉米苏,中:芒果,下:黑巧克力。
Butter & Syrup Waffle ~ Smell good! Taste OK!
They still have many choices of desserts for you to choose. 种类繁多的甜点供你选择。

They also sell imported snacks. 他们也有卖进口的零食。


Go and have a drink when you want to give yourself a break!

This is our bill. 这就是我们的帐单。

Coffee & Dreams

营业时间 Operation Hour

每天 Everyday 8:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

电话 Tel: +606 – 601 3855

地址 Add: No.199, Jalan S2 B14, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Coordinates: 2.694231, 101.909520