Christmas Market 2018 @ Marktplatz, Karlsruhe


The Christmas Market at Marktplatz, Karlsruhe this year are pretty nice. I think this is because the underground construction is finished, that’s why they added a few stores. They even have a Fairy Wheel behind the Pyramid. I like to go to the Christmas Market just because of the decoration on the stall, although some of them use the same ornament from the previous year.

这张照片是去年拍的。This photo was taken last year. They have the same one almost every year.


We usually can get to buy sausages bread, Langos, waffle, crepes, Glühwein and many more food or drinks from the Christmas Market. So, when you go there with your friends, you do not worry that you will get hungry. If you like to collect Mugs, you can keep the mug after you finish your Glühwein, because they already collected at least 2euro as a deposit for the mug. If you don’t like the mug, then you can return the mug to the same stall after you finish you Glühwein.

这只是今年其中的一个款式。This is only one of the mug’s design for this year.
这是我去年拍的,今年他们也有相同的。This photo was taken by me last year. They have a similar design this year too.
我老公常说的德国‘油条’。Langos in process.

希望大家在圣诞市场也有不一样的体验。I hope that everyone has special experience during the Christmas month too.