Cafe Ebel @ Prague


On this Germany visit, my husband and I decided to bring our friend to Prague to have a walk. A coffee shop that very unique and small but surprisingly has a lot to offer. It looks like they just sell coffee beans, but actually they also sell coffee.

漂亮的服务员在小小的一家咖啡馆里工作。A pretty waitress working in a small cafe
咖啡的香味就是从这门传出来的。The coffee aroma coming out from this entrance.


Actually, we stumbled upon this cafe by accident. As the door of the cafe flung open, the coffee aroma stunned my husband and he told me: ‘I really need to get a coffee’. We peeped into the shop and saw there’s still one last table waiting for us. There’s only a total of two tables in that shop, it seems most of their customers take away their coffee upon purchase.

卡布基诺 Cappuccino. Photo Credit to James Chow
用碗喝的拿铁。Latte in Bowl. Photo Credit to James Chow
他们还拿过tripadvisor 2014年最佳咖啡馆的荣誉哦。They also won the TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence in Year 2014.
两杯饮料才大概马币19令吉。These two drinks just costs us around RM19.


Cafe Ebel

Tel: +420 604 265 125

Address: Kaprova 11, Praha 1.

Coordinates: 50.088200, 14.418299