Bruzzzler Sausage

真的很辣。It’s really spicy.


Normally in Germany, the chili sign on the packaging is not accurate — it is usually not spicy. But this time, I found these spicy sausages are super spicy. My husband and I both like it very much. We add it into our fried rice and fried noodles, rather than grilling them.

The fried noodles remind us of our childhood.


They also have different flavors of sausages. I tried, and it tastes good as well, not too salty.

Extra herbs.


If you have a chance, you can try and see which flavor you like most.

The fried noodles with the flat and wide noodles tastes like the ‘Chao Kuey Tiow’ we used to eat in Malaysia.

Normal Price per packet is around 3.49€.

Discount Price per packet is around 2.99€.