Autumn’s Family Trip Day 2 @ Bodensee


Today is a rainy day. After we had our breakfast, we went out for a short walk and relax in a cafe – Weber & Weiss with tasty cake. My husband keeps on telling me that, this is actually not a cafe for cakes, but rather for coffee beans. Anyway, I found this cafe through google and the cakes taste good.

The sitting of this cafe is not that big. We were lucky that we found a table for three of us.


After our tea break, we walk to the Zeppelin Museum. We didn’t go to the museum, because we want to go in when our girl grows up. Actually, the truth is the tickets are not cheap too. So, we just went to the souvenir shops then we walk back to the hotel.


We had our dinner at Lukullum. I will suggest you go there earlier or make a reservation if you are there at the weekend. The food is good, the environment is happening and the waiters are friendly, but the price is not very cheap.

I had Schnitzel (Porkchop) with cheese and ham.
My husband took a beef steak with spaghetti.
Our friend took three different meat steak.
The antique decoration.


I think we will visit Bodensee again when our baby grows up. So, this time I only write till here and attached some of the photos which I took.