Autumn’s Family Trip Day 1 @ Bodensee


My family and I went to Bodensee this time for holidays. We stayed at a nice hotel with friendly workers – Hotel Marien. I really like this hotel a lot although it does not have much facilities and also there is a construction beside our room. It is clean and tidy. The breakfast is good too. The food quality that they provide during breakfast is pretty high.

我们住的房间门号 Our room – 107
简单就是美 Simple and nice
简单就是美 Simple and nice


Luckily we checked the weather for our trip once after we checked in to our hotel, because the only day that we abled to have sunlight is on the day we arrived. After that, it were all rainy days. So, we quickly went out for a quick walk under the sunlight. We are able to climb up to the Moleturm for a sunset view too.

我姐喜欢的无叶树 The tree that my sister likes.
清澈的湖水 The water is clean!!


After the sunset photo session, we went to the Tandoori Palace for dinner. The tandoori chicken is delicious and worth for the price, unfortunately the lamb curry is the opposite. The portion of what we had were not worth the price and the taste is plain normal. I forgot to take a photo of the receipt again, because our friend went to paid for the food first, so I didn’t get to see the bill.

Tndoori Chicken, two different types of Lamb and Naan.
好吃!This is delicious.
3 different types of sauces and a snack for the customer.


If you plan to visit Bodensee, I will suggest to drive there, because the public transport needs a longer time to reach there.

Breakfast’s place of the hotel.