A short trip to Weimar

趁老公要到东德公干,我当然不会错过这难得的机会跟着他一块儿去看看。我们先到了德国一个充满文化气息的小镇 – 魏玛去。

I’m glad that I get to travel to Weimar with my family, just because my husband needs to travel to East Germany for a business trip. Weimar is a small city in Germany, but it is also a cultural city.



Since this is a business trip, so my daughter and I just stayed in the hotel when the father went to meet up with the partner. The hotel is special, it’s full of a European feel.

Hotel Amalienhof
They also provide soluble vitamin and hot tea at lobby for the guests who stay in their hotel.


The breakfast from the hotel is full of varieties of quality food. I enjoy a lot with the food and drinks here. I didn’t get to take a lot of photos from my breakfast, because there are guests from the hotel walking around, and Germans care about their privacy. When my husband finished meeting his partner and came back before lunch, we went to the city and have a look at the tourist spots.

The table setting in the restaurant is antique. I like their mug sets too.

到处走走看看接近2个小时后,我们便到了一家越南餐厅 – 36 Pho Co 去享用午餐。这里的食物确实好吃,但价格相对的来说也有点高。不过总的来说,我们还是吃的很开心,也很满足。

After walking around for almost 2 hours, we went to a Vietnamese Restaurant – 36 Pho Co for lunch. The food here is delicious but the price is not cheap though. Anyway, we still enjoyed and satisfied with what we had.

Honey Aloe Vera (left) and Guava Melon with Lime (right)
I can’t say no to ramen and spicy curry soup, so I ordered Mì Tôm Bō
Bún Bō Nam Bô
个人觉得这盘炸春卷真的很贵 – 4片4.90欧元,因为味道很普通,可能因为有摆盘吧。This spring roll tastes normal but it costs 4.90€. It’s consider quite expensive for me.
I like their toilet decorations too.


After we had our lunch, we continue our journey to Zittau.

Bauhaus Museum Weimar
My husband gave me a ‘sweat’ look after I asked him to look at the ‘big beard’.
Luckily we get to visit the city before the rain comes.