• Tryout
  • Dessert Time

    我会知道这个甜点都是因为在付钱买东西时,听到两位收银员在聊天说很好吃,才会注意到的。当我付完钱后,便又到回去买了他们其中的两种口味。试了过后,个人觉得真的好吃。最重要的是这两种口味都不会很甜。一盒的价钱是1,99€。 I found these dessert through a nice conversation with a cashier while doing my grocery shopping last week. The cashier aunty said that these are delicious and are selling now in their supermarket. So, after I paid for my things, I went back into the supermarket again and grab 2 different flavours. They are […]

  • Germany
  • My 2nd time in Düsseldorf

    我们又再次来到杜塞尔多夫啦。这次是因为老公须要办公,所以才会有幸到这里来吃吃喝喝。自从有了宝宝后,我们很多时候做的决定都是以宝宝为优先的,所以这次我们选择的酒店是靠近日本村的Hotel Asahi。加上泊车费用后,这次的‘豪华’住宿大约共计100欧元。 We are here again just because my husband needs to go to the canadian embassy which is located at Düseldorf. Since we have a baby, we always look for a location that is convenient for food, accomodation and also easy for us to park our car. This why we chose to stay at Hotel […]

  • Malaysia
  • 家乡牛什 Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

    我其实不怎么吃牛肉的,但我还是跟我老公和家人一块儿到了这家著名的“家乡牛什”。这家餐馆好像很多年前就已经很出名了。而且我老公还说他所点的牛什汤面很美味。你还可以点自己喜欢的面条来配着吃。 Although I don’t really eat beef, I still went to this beef noodles restaurant with my husband. This restaurant is famous many years ago. My husband said the mix ingredients of noodles which he ordered taste good. You can also choose the type of noodles which you like to enjoy too. 当我在网上找他们的坐标时,发现他们有好几家的分店,可能下次我也可以到其他的分店去试试。 When I’m […]