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  • My first USA trip ~ Williamsburg

    美国威廉斯堡 – 一个充满历史的城市。我很喜欢他们的建筑物。我们在这儿的第一餐吃的是 Buffalo Wild Wings。他们的鸡翅膀分成了好几个辣度,我们也尝试了好几种。自从在德国住了1年多后,我还以为他们提供的辣度层度应该不会真的很辣,但是我发现我是错的。我们选择的其中一个是第3高的辣,辣到我流泪了。 Williamsburg, USA – a historical city. I like the building so much. The first dinner we ate here was Buffalo Wild Wings. They provide a few spicy levels for you to choose from, and we tried a few of them. The flavor we prefer most is the Buffalo original. […]

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  • 在德国煮饭之第四篇 Cooking Life iN Germany 4

    今天煮西餐,还好我的老公很给面子的说好吃。嘻嘻。。为了迁就我那不爱吃芝士的老公,所以我的烤肉碎番茄酱通心粉没有额外加很多的芝士。 I cooked a Western meal for today’s dinner. Luckily my husband said it was tasty, although he doesn’t like to eat cheese. Because of him, I didn’t add too much of the cheese in my Baked Tomato Pork Macaroni. 烤肉碎番茄酱通心粉的材料:250g 猪肉碎,蒜 1-2 瓣,2 杯 Piccolini 通心粉,1 罐 Barilla Basilico 番茄酱 (400g),Parmesan 芝士碎适量,油适量,水适量,盐适量。 Ingredients for […]