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  • 在德国煮饭之第三篇 Cooking Life iN Germany 3

    今天煮了三个菜,酱油鸡翅、东炎海鲜汤和炒包菜。虽然说在德国的亚超(亚洲超级市场)有卖很多的材料,但是有时候为了煮一餐而买一大堆的东西(这里都是一袋大约100克出售的),然后再把剩余的材料放进冰箱等丢掉。我个人认为是很浪费的,所以我都是尽可能煮些简单的菜肴。 I cooked three dishes today. Soy sauce chicken wings, Tom Yum seafood soup, and stir-fried cabbage. Although I can get most of the ingredients from the Asia market here in Germany, I personally think that sometimes it is not worth the price they are selling here, mainly because the ingredients are sold as small […]