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  • 在德国煮饭之第二篇 Cooking Life iN Germany 2

    今天煮了四个菜,蒸肉碎、洋葱煎蛋、江鱼仔臭豆和炖胡萝卜三层肉。这次的臭豆是我的朋友煮的,所以很抱歉,我没有臭豆的食谱分享给大家。 I cooked 4 dishes today. Steam minced pork, fried eggs with onion, ‘Petai’ with dried anchovies and carrot pork stew. The ‘Petai’ with dried anchovies was cook by our friend, so I’m so sorry that I don’t have the recipe to share with you. 炖胡萝卜三层肉的材料:500g 五花肉,胡萝卜 1-2 根,蒜 6 瓣,八角 2 粒,酱油 5 大匙,冰糖适量(4-5小颗),3汤匙绍兴酒,油适量,水适量。 Ingredients […]