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  • 在里斯本休闲逛 ReSt aNd RelAx iN LisbOn @ Portugal

    在里斯本到处休闲地逛也是件享受的事情。我们不赶景点、不赶时间,累了就找地方休息;饿了就找好料吃去。因为这次是随性的到处走走逛逛,所以就只附上照片呗。。 The enjoyable thing to do in Lisbon is Rest and Relax. We didn’t rush to any tourist spot this time. When we are tired, we rest; When we are hungry, we will find some delicious food to eat. So, I will share more photos this time.   我们这几天就在2家道地的餐馆 – Principe do Calhariz 和 Adega […]