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  • 草泥马咖啡馆 Alpacasso Cafe @ Mid Valley, K.L. (This cafe is no longer in business.)

    无惊无险又一个星期了,是时候去办下货,然后去喝杯咖啡咯。终于有机会来到谷中城里Aeon儿童部门入口处(Aeon电梯附近)的草泥马咖啡馆去试试了。我和我的朋友都很爱草泥马(羊驼),所以就慕名而来了。 It’s Friday again!! 🙂 Hehe.. So, it’s time to do some shopping and have a coffee. At last we visited the Alpacasso Cafe, which is near the Aeon children’s department entrance (near the Aeon escalator). My friend and I love Alpaca very much that attracted us to this cafe. 当我一看到这开放式的咖啡馆时,心里确实有点点小失望。再加上他们的餐单选择并不多,所以确实是有点失望的。不过竟然来到了,那就喝杯饮料才离开吧。点了一杯拿铁,味道普通,但是价钱却有点贵。不过饮料上却有个草泥马的图案。我的朋友则点了一杯棉花糖柠檬汁。问她味道如何,哈哈,她竟然说就一杯柠檬汁加水,外加上面放个棉花糖咯。 When I saw such […]

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  • 黑石头蛋糕咖啡屋 BlackStone Bakery Cafe @ Klang, Selangor.

    周末有约在巴生,所以趁机到那儿的咖啡馆来个小聚。来到这间小小的咖啡馆,第一个印象是很别致,但又觉得可以再增加特色,因为他们有个小角落的感觉和咖啡馆好像不是很搭。 Since we had an appointment in Klang, we decided to visit one of the cafe there. The cafe is pretty chic, but maybe some part of the decoration need some redesign as it does not match with the concept of the cafe. 为了吃到巴生肉骨茶,所以我们只点了一杯热巧克力和一杯桃味西茶。热巧克力味道普通,可是随饮料附送的和巧克力饼干却和好吃,味道浓郁而又不甜腻。两杯饮料14令吉真的很划算。他们也有提供主食的,只是我这次没机会试。 We ordered a cup of Hot Chocolate and a cup of […]

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  • 香港与澳门之旅@第二天 Hong Kong And Macau’s Trip @ Day 2

    一大早吃过早餐后,我们便坐‘飞船’从香港到澳门去。我们是向一家类似旅行社的公司购买船票。奉劝大家在向这些公司买票后要确保他们把票给你拿在手上,不然他们的工作人员会乘机换了一些杂票给你,然后进闸口时就会被工作人员指责。抵达澳门时已经接近中午12时了,所以我们便前往入住酒店去登记然后医肚子去。 After our breakfast, then we went to Macau with Jetboat. We bought our tickets from a company that looked like a travel agent. Please be sure that you take your ticket after you bought it from the counter because their workers will change the ticket and give it to you before you enter the […]

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  • Mr Poker Cafe, Sri Petaling @ K.L.

    这间咖啡馆确实很有复古特色,整间店除了摆放了很多的复古饰品之外,最吸引我的便是它墙壁上的扑克牌。老板应该是个扑克牌迷吧!他真的收集了很多的扑克牌,有些还是还没切割的呢。 This cafe is full of antique decorations, but the most attractive thing for me is their board made from poker cards which hang on the wall. I think the boss might be a big Poker fan. He collected many poker cards and some of them haven’t been open yet. 他们这里的食物选择很少,主要都是咖啡,而且价钱也有点高。 Their food selection is […]