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  • 澳洲珀斯的第一天 Day 1 @ Perth, Australia ~ Caversham Wildlife Park

    这次的旅程是我和我的朋友们的“第一次”,第一次一起前往一个西方国家。出发前检查过当地的温度,大概是20多度到30多度之间,所以当我们抵达珀斯时就觉得凉风习习地,真舒服。早上6时,美好的一天等着我们去发掘更多的新事物,所以当然不能白白浪费掉。寄放好我们的行李在这几天会住的酒店及吃了早餐后,我们便决定先前往凯维森野生动物园。 This is my friends, and I first trip to a Western Country. We had already checked the weather before we depart to Perth, the weather temperature will be around 20-30 degree Celsius during our journey. As we arrived there, the weather was pretty cooling. At 6.a.m plus in the morning, that day marked the […]