PeekAbOO Coffee @ Bukit Jalil, KL


Totoro theme cafe.. I love the design of their Totoro picture.

入口处的设计。Wall decoration at the entrance.
很喜欢他们的龙猫厕所标示。。I love their Totoro toilet’s sign..


Once you step in their shop, we found that there are lot of people. Although there was an empty table waiting for us, but we don’t have benches. Luckily the friendly waitress got us our seat. We are just grabing some drinks here, because we just had our lunch.

这是我们坐了一会儿后才拍的。This photo taken after we reached there a while.


我当然是点了杯摩卡。摩卡来了我们当然是先给 ‘相机’ 喝了,过后才轮到我。。最好笑的是跟我们一起去 ‘小胖兔’ 竟然因为看到我那摩卡上的泡泡而兴奋的跑来 ‘吹’。。哈哈。。被她这一吹,漂亮的图案就泡汤了。。不过还是要谢谢 ‘小胖兔’ 带给我们的欢乐。

Of course I ordered a cup of Mocha for myself. Once I got my Mocha, I kindly let my camera have a bit of it first. There are some bubble on my drink, and our friend (the ‘little fatty rabbit’) came and blew them. Haha.. My ‘pull flower’ spoil after that. But I still like to thanks the ‘little fatty rabbit’ for bringing us so much joy.

你比较喜欢绿色或是紫色植物配黑咖啡呢?You prefer Green or Purple plant to match with Americano?
你比较喜欢绿色或是紫色植物配黑咖啡呢?You prefer Green or Purple plant to match with Americano?
去了柜台点餐付款后就会拿到一个很环保的座号。You will get a recycle table’s number after you make your order at the counter.


After a while then we left.. But too bad that I don’t get to try their Ice-drip Coffee. My friend went there again 2 days later and told me that their coffee and food taste good, but without me!!

下次我一定要试这个! I will try this next time!!
上:绿茶拿铁; 左下:穿着衣服的茶壶; 右下:小鸡扒 ~ 朋友说鸡扒的味道很不错。 up: Green Tea Latte; bottom left: Tea pot in it’s clothes; bottom right: The Chicken Little ~ taste good according to my friend.
每张桌上都会有不同的植物摆设。Every table has their on plant’s decoration.


特别的灯罩。A special cover for the light.
与龙猫合照的角落。A place where you can take photo with Totoro.

除了龙猫,你也会看到猫头鹰出现在店内。Other then Totoro, you can also find Owl in the cafe.


If you love Totoro then go there and have a look.

鸡蛋威化三文治。Egg Waffle Sandwich.
他们有了新的号码牌。The new table number.
我的最爱 ~ 浓郁的摩卡(左)和巧克力(右)。My all time favourite Mocha (left) and Chocolate (right).
他们有有了新的餐单,这个芝士奶油鸡饭味道不错。They have new menu, this Cheese Mayo Chicken Rice taste good.
学生介绍的椰子口味威化饼,好吃~~ My student recommend me this On The Beach Waffle (coconut flavor), taste good!!


Recent Update (02.04.2016): I heard some of my friends said their waffle taste not good when they went there. Maybe is because of the time we went are different. I always go there during weekdays, that’s why they have different opinion as mine. Hope that they can maintain their food quality during weekends too. Hehehe..


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